Use of QR Codes

QR in the military

Using QR codes has endless possibilities. Restaurants can use QR codes to tell customers about daily specials or even show them a video about one of the well-known dishes. Businesses can use QR codes to send customers to additional websites for products and services or other sources for more information on a particular product. Retailers can use QR codes to give customers discounts and coupons for their next purchases. Retailers may also use QR codes to send customers to their website that has more items in stock or even tells a little history about the company. Individuals may use QR codes to promote their own website, give contact information, or even send a customer to their Facebook page. Many businesses also advocate customers to share deals and coupons with other customers through social medias and other smartphones. It is a clever way to spread the word using technology at its peak rather than only word of mouth or even a simple print media.

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Using QR codes gives any business the advantage to be at a more personable level with their customers. Whether they use QR codes to tell their company’s story or show videos of their employees, customers will have a whole new understanding of the business that they just walked into.

QR codes are also making their way into education and the medical fields. Children are growing up in a technological age and teachers and parents are using that to their advantage. QR codes are being used for patient education, appointments, and even for marketing health services.