Tecnology Halapalooza

Welcome! It’s the 21st Century and it is a new technology age. There are new types of technology sprouting up all over the place to help our world be a better place. People can’t go a day without using their smartphones or talking about their day on Facebook. It’s interesting how we have so many more ways to communicate with each other yet it’s all digitally and its through using emoticons and words, rather than verbal communication.

Let me quickly introduce myself before I get to involved in my technology schpeel. My name is Lidia Szczepanski. Nice to meet you!

I hope ultimately that my technology guides help you understand its importance in our society. I have found a new love for QR codes and I think after you read a little bit about them you will fall in love with them too! They are so easy to use and give you access to so much more information about your favorite restaurant, product and even discounts on things you already buy! Who doesn’t want discounts? J

Prosze cieszyc!