QR Code Tracking

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QR code tracking is important in order to figure out whether it is working in the first place. Businesses and professionals are going to be most interested in the results given by using QR codes since most likely they were adding to their print medias or other aspects of their marketing campaigns. Measuring results is essential to finding the marketing campaigns success and if it hit the correct target market. Businesses will want to know if the QR codes triggered some kind of response from their consumers and if their consumers took advantage of any offers, contests, or other information.

QR code tracking can be easy as long as you know some key words. Ultimately you want to create a great QR code that can be easily traced.

•URL- is where you want your QR code to take the user

•Source- this is your organization or group

•Medium- this is the location of the QR code

•Content- are there additional messages that needs to be in your QR code?

•Name- use this for the event, individual, advertising campaign name, etc.

QR code tracking is essential and can be very easy if you start at the beginning of your campaign. Learn how to track QR codes using Google Analytics along with building the best QR code campaign you can for your business.