QR Codes in Education


QR codes in the medical field are becoming increasingly popular with the wave of QR code useage. Quick response codes provide a wide range of information that can easily be scanned and decoded using quick response software and scanners. QR codes are being used in the medical field for an array of uses including:

1  Mammogram appointments

2  Online Hospital Tours

3  Hospital Marketing

4  Patient Education

5  Marketing Health Services

6  Facility Maps/Contacts

QR codes in the medical fields will be able to help people see what hospitals have to offer and the care that they can provide. QR codes can provide patients with additional information on their conditions and their treatments. QR codes can also show informational videos on the newest medical technologies, other health care facilities and clinics. QR codes may also be useful for individuals that have to wear medical bracelets. EMTs or other emergency personnel can immediately scan the QR code on the medical bracelet to learn of allergies, DNRs, blood type, emergency contact, or other important health information of the individual.

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