QR Code Apps

All this talk about QR codes and you are probably wondering what a (QR code app) even is. First of all, apps are actually called applications. They have become more commonly known as apps since it is easier to say. An app is a type of computer software that is designed specifically to perform particular tasks. Most notably, apps are used on smartphones to play games, turn the lights on your house off, read the news, read your email, or as a GPS.

A (QR code app) is really the way a user can read a QR code and what information is embedded in it. These apps give your smartphone the capability to scan and decifer the QR code you are wondering about. You can buy QR code apps through your smartphone’s app market. You may also be able to find some for free in the app market and even online. Just be careful as there are some QR code applications that are just spam!

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