2D Code Generators

Plain and simple if you want to be able to use a 2D code you are going to need a 2D code generator. 2D code generators can be found for free online through various websites. You want to create a 2D code that is going to be scanned and shared by its users. Some websites will ask you to download other programs first. Be sure to take a closer look to be sure that it is not a type or spam or even a virus that could steal your information. 2D codes, and 2D code generators are a fairly new technology so not every single bug has been worked out and people can potentially use them to steal private information.

Before you download generators or even use them, be sure to make sure that you are using a generator that is compatible with your computer. Some generators are specifically made for MACs, some for PCs and others it doesn’t matter. You don’t want to inconvenience your self by putting all your information into the 2D code generator and come to find out you can not go any farther because the generator is not compatible with your computer and its programs.

2D Code Use

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