My Life, My Interests

Even though technology is usually where my heart is, I do try and involve myself with other activities. I love learning and enjoying life. My family is important to me and I try and make it out to Poland in the summer to see my grandparents. 

Ipod music

Most consider me to be the creative type as I am always drawing or painting when I am home. I love drawing new clothing ideas. I am currently working on my 76th clothing piece for my portfolio. I will be submitting all of my work to the Fashion Institute of Technology for the Spring semester. I already have a degree but since I already live in the city right now for work I thought why not go to school for something else that I am passionate about (other than technology of course!)

I love music especially when I am working on the computer or drawing my latest fashion idea. I enjoy artists that sing with emoticon and have unique characteristics about themselves as well.

Some of my favorite music artists are:

Three Days Grace

Breaking Benjamin


Lady Gaga


Theory of a Deadman

I love to travel and have been to quite a few countries in my lifetime. I was born in Poland and traveled throughout Europe for most of my childhood. I came to the United States when I was 12. I think my favorite country is still Spain. Their food is amazing!

Since I lived in Poland for a good portion of my life polish is my first language. My parents were very adamant in making sure my siblings and I knew our language and English. I remember it being the most difficult thing to learn, but I was able to read, write, and speak English before I started school. I fell in love with learning languages, probably because we traveled so much so I ended up going to college to be a translator. I know Polish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. Once I learned English the other Latin based languages were actually very easy to learn.

Hungry Man Stew

I grew up knowing that soccer or football as its called where I am from, is the biggest sport ever. I loved going to games with my family and watching the soccer players run around and do amazing things. I was fortunate to be rather skilled in the sport and was able to go to college because of it.

I love to eat, but I think I love to cook more. We try and have get-togethers when everyone is available. My older siblings have families now so that makes getting together other than at holidays a bit more challenging. All the more reason I love to cook for my family. My grandmother actually taught me how to make traditional Polish dishes as well as homemade bread. I make bread about once a month and I freeze the loaves so I can use them throughout the month. It is wonderful and so good! It also pairs best with bigos, which is known as Hunter’s Stew.