How to Make QR Codes

After reading about what a QR code is, I am sure you are interested to know (how to make a QR code). Perhaps you want to place a QR code on the back of your business card, or add it to your marketing campaign. Either way there are a few easy steps you can use to make your QR code.

#1- What is your message?

You will need to decide the information you are trying to pass along to others. Do you want to give them your contact information? Send them to a website? Provide more details?

#2- Find a QR Code Generator

The Internet is the best place to find QR code generators. They are all free to use. You can also download QR code generators through your smartphones market. Some QR code common generators: Kaywa, Zxing Project, QR Stuff, and delivr.

#3- Content

Now it is time to enter the message that you thought of that you would like to give to your audience. You can specify the type of QR code that you want it to be; Text, Phone Number, URL etc. You can also specify the code size. When you are all finished click the generate button!

#4- Test

Wait you are not done yet! Make sure that your QR code works before you put in on all of your business cards or use it in your next marketing campaign. You can even use your new QR code scanner you just downloaded off your smartphone. If something isn’t right, go back and fix it!

#5- Publish!

Now that you have looked over everything and you are happy, be sure to save the QR code to a permalink for online use or even to a file on your computer so you can use it for printed medias.