My Favorite Technologies

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For those of you that are very into technology like I am I really think you will enjoy the information I have written. It is amazing what us humans have been able to accomplish. Before I get any farther I wanted to explain what my favorite technologies were. I think it may give you a better idea as to why I have become so fond of barcode technologies.

Computers: My parents have been using computers for as long as I can remember. They came out before I was born and I do remember my parents talking about wanting to get one for their own use. But at the time it did not really do a whole lot that would be of use to my parents. I remember using computers when I went to school for educational games and typing. As I got older the computers became more advanced and people were able to do more with them. My parents bought a computer so they could use excel and even some of the design programs at the time. I have to say I am partial to MACs but I do also own a PC that I adore. My entire life I have been surrounded by some sort of computer, whether it was at home or in school. I remember when my parents brought home laptop. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

MP3 player/iPod: Since I have always been a fan of listening to music while I am working I was so happy when the MP3 player came out. I love my Apple iPod! For the longest time I carried around a tape player and then a CD player. They are both bulky and break very easily when dropped on the ground. Granted I always got in trouble for listening to music at school, the iPod allowed me to listen to music a bit more sleuth like. I especially loved the ear buds that came out with them. I have since gone back to headphones, except when I am playing soccer or working out. Headphones are much too bulky for that sort of activity!

Tablets: I had always loved laptops over desktops since I received my first laptop when I was 9. It wasn’t the best mobile computer when I had my first one but it thought it was much better than any desktop. When the tablets first appeared in 2010 I had to make sure I got one. I have always trusted Apple with their products and I immediately loved the tablet. I have since gotten rid of my laptop and replaced it with the newest tablet. My parents also use the tablets I got them for Christmas last year. They like the touch screen abilities and how mobile it is. My mom uses it often for her presentations to her students. I was glad my parents were able to use them!

Battery Powered Vehicles: This is probably one of my top favorite technologies of al time. Sure some of the technologies I listed may make life easier or more convenient, but battery powered anything is better for our earth. I am very supportive of “going green” and finding new technologies that better our planet and its environment. I recently bought the Nissan Leaf, which is a car that is 100% battery operated. I absolutely love it. I also cannot believe how much I have saved in gas. I definitely do not miss pumping gas in the rain, snow, or when its scorching hot outside.

Barcode Technologies: Although many of these barcode technologies like QR codes are fairly new to most people, they have been used for decades for tracking purposes. Now people are able to create QR codes that hold contact information, websites, and can even take you to someone’s Facebook page! I think it is so clever and a great way for businesses to easily market new products to their consumers. I love scanning QR codes that I find and learning about the history of this, someone’s contact information, or even finding a discount to a restaurant I have never been to. It makes for a great incentive for anyone to try using QR codes. If you are new to the technology, don’t worry, I will explain them in greater detail.