As you may have guessed from my name I am Polish. I am actually 100% Polish. I was born in Zakopane in late March. Zakopane is up in the mountains and isn’t a very big town. It has become a more touristy area, but it is still beautiful. I have been back there many times since I have lived in the United States.

I have 5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the second youngest and by far the most spoiled. My two oldest sisters are about 13 years older than me (they are twins), and my younger brother and I are only a year apart. Most of my siblings were out of the house on their own or in boarding school before I was out of elementary school. Needless to say my brother and I are very close.

Both of my parents were scientists who worked for many different laboratories and universities around the world. My mom was an anthropologist and my dad was a geologist. They met when they happened to be working together at the same laboratory. Both of my parents are part time professors now and are the happiest I have ever seen them. I think they love that they are able to share their love for science with others who share the same thing.

While I was young my family moved around quite often. We stayed in Poland until I was about 4 and then we moved to Germany for 2 years, Spain for 3 years, England for 2 years and then Great Britain for a year before we moved to the United States. We moved all over the United States for the next 5 years after that until my parents settled in California. It was perfect because my brother and I were near the age of going to college, and California offers many opportunities for college.

As I had mentioned earlier I try to make it a point to see my grandparents every year since they do not get to visit as often as they used to. Technology has helped my family stay in contact better through Skype. My grandparents were hesitant with using it but they came through and now we get to talk with them quite often. It’s nice for my nieces and nephews to be able to see and talk with their great-grandparents. Not many people have the opportunity to do that. I cherish that everyday. Most phones and computers now a days have cameras built in, so anyone has the ability to be apart of the video chatting world. If you have family and friends in far away places, I would suggest checking out Skype!

I think now you know quite a lot about my family and I. Maybe one day you will be able to visit Poland and take in its beauty as I have. But if you aren’t a fan of cold I wouldn’t suggest going during the dead of winter!