3D Barcodes

3D barcodes are also known as Bumpy Barcodes. 3D barcodes are actually one-dimensional barcodes that are embossed onto a surface, but not like a sticker 2D code. These are perfect for anything that a normal barcode label cannot stick to. They are also great for harsh environments. Like 2D barcodes, 3D barcodes are used for inventory, tracking, and categorization, with the only difference being that 3D barcodes are engraved or applied in some way to the product during manufacturing.

3D barcodes are read by using the differences in height between the bars and spaces. This is a lot different from normal barcodes that are read by their contrast. 3D barcodes also help to prevent any alterations that may hinder the information within the barcode. This leads to fewer mistakes which will ultimately lower operating costs during manufacturing.

3D barcodes can be painted on and still be read without a problem. 3D barcodes are also useful in preventing mislabeling as they can be permanently fixed to a particular section of a part. 

3D barcode scanners can be used during the manufacturing process or in hand held form. The scanners are necessary in order to track the efficiency of the production process and even to figured out how much time is needed to create parts. 3D barcodes are being used in inventory and for purchases. In time 3D barcodes will drastically boost the savings for manufacturers.

3D barcodes will bring video

3D barcodes

3D barcode Based on Image Recognition