What is a QR Code

A QR code is also known as a quick response code. It is a type of 2D barcode that has been more commonly used in marketing. QR codes are read by mobile phones that have a QR code reader application.

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QR codes were originally made to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. QR codes are free to anyone who wants to make them or use them for any kind of tracking or promotional service.

QR codes contain embedded information that can only be reader by QR code readers that are usually downloaded by smartphones. The purpose of QR codes is to give a consumer additional information about the product, an event, or even a promotion. Businesses are using QR codes in billboards, print medias and even on product packages. Realtors are using QR codes on business cards to lead potential buyers to their website and listings. Retailers and restaurants are using QR codes to be more personable with their customers, offer discounts, as well as lead their customers to their social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter.

QR codes are easily made through QR code generator sites, and can be placed on anything your heart desires.